Your Branding Story

“If you don't brand yourself, Google will brand you."
–Sherry Beck Paprocki, The New York Times


A frequently requested speaker, Sherry Beck Paprocki has addressed personal branding and the Web 3.0 tsunami at conferences and events throughout the country.

“I have had the opportunity to hear Ms. Paprocki address the topic of Personal Branding on two occasions. Within each setting, Sherry was attune to the various needs of the audiences and skillfully tailored her message to great effect. As a Career Development professional within the field of Higher Education, I have found her subject matter to be very beneficial and timely for students and working professionals alike.' - Derek Thatcher, Director of Career Development, The Ohio State University at Newark/Central Ohio Technical College

“As an author, I am always looking for ways to promote myself as well as my books. Sherry Paprocki’s 'Branding Yourself” workshop gave me valuable guidance in discovering my personal brand identity. One result is my popular new blog, “Beverly in Movieland,” which I like to describe as covering movies, moviemaking, and growing up Hollywood-adjacent. Thanks to Sherry’s workshop, I’m now communicating with a lot of brand-new fans.” - Beverly Gray, Santa Monica, CA,, author of "Ron Howard: From Mayberry to the Moon...and Beyond."

“To see the entire (leadership) class fully engaged during your session, is a tribute to the value you brought. We are confident the branding information you shared will have a lasting impact on their careers.” - Valoria C. Hoover, Chair, Ohio Women's Bar Foundation Leadership Institute and Angela Court, President, OWBF.

Personal branding is of ultimate importance in today’s digital economy.







If you are a recent college graduate looking for a job, you should be optimistic. There are plenty of businesses that need your skills.

Why? Because students graduating from college today bring a wealth of skills that only you can offer. Your life has been spent in a digital arena. You have acquired a vast range of digital tools. If you want to read more, stay tuned. We want you to visit our Facebook shopping cart soon!


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